Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Spent today at the NOC, or Nantahala Outdoor Center, resting a sore knee. I seem to have found my legs in Hiawassee, and have been cranking out bigger and bigger miles everyday.

I also hit a lot of milestones in recent days, including hitting North Carolina, 100 miles, and my first trail magic. On a rainy morning I was walking toward a rock scramble climb of Mt. Albert, when I crossed the Ocokee Hiking Club of South Carolina and their spread of fresh fruit, candy, pancakes, and chili.

It was the perfect fuel to keep hiking in the rain and push up the mountain. To add to the magic, a thru-hiker from last year showed up at the shelter later that night with brownies! The next day I ran into the Ocokee hikers again, and got some more treats. The charity they provide to hikers can not be overstated, it's a powerful motivator and greatly appreciated.

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  1. Keep it up Goose! Love the pics.

  2. Are you feeling the pain of the steps?
    - Gabby

    1. Going downhill is so much worse than uphill! The steps down kill the knees.

    2. I totally agree about downhill being worse! Because of old sports injuries, my left knee gives me trouble when I go downhill. Uphill is all in the mind - not that it doesn't take just as much effort to do that. Sending you good thoughts. Thanks for the update!

    3. Thanks for the kudos about trail magic. It is so much fun for us and we love to do it. We went out again Monday to Indian Grave Gap in Georgia. Back to work and the real world for us now though. Enjoy your trip. I love the pics. Martha + Melvin Roberts

  3. Thanks for the good word about Trail Magic but I just wanted you to know that Oconee County, SC is spelled "Oconee" so it's correct for your book. Best of luck and it was nice meeting you and reading your blog, from Jo

  4. Love the photos, Kevin! Glad to hear the hike is going well.

  5. Glad to see things are going well! The mountain views are spectacular, but the forest views seem a little spooky to a road biker. Are there no trail markers except the worn path on the ground? Is it always there? How would you find your way if it wasn't?

    Your Trail Magic sounds like that surprise little store, when you're biking in the middle of nowhere and don't expect to find anything.

    Continued good luck, hope the adventure is as exciting as the pictures suggest.

    Peter Dague