Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hiawassee, GA

After a great dinner by a church group and pancakes for breakfast from Pirate, the hostel manager, I hiked out of Neel's Gap in a cloudy mist. It was quite cool to hike with that dense fog and it kept me cool and going at a nice pace.

I stayed in the top bunk on the left.

Staying in a Budget Inn in Hiawassee, GA today where I can resupply and get some big meals in. I was definitely increasing my mileage, and hope to really amp it up this weekend and next week to try to make it to Gatlinburg by next Friday (a somewhat tall order).

Peak of Tray Mountain.

Found on trail yesterday.

Tough photo, but there is a bear in the center tree. First bear of the trail for me!

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  1. Did you fight the bear? You know you want to fight a bear.

  2. did you drink the beer? you know you want to drink the beer.

  3. did you partake of the swag? you know you want swag.

  4. did you step on the snake? you know you want to step on a snake.

  5. Kevin, great pictures. Is the only marking for the trail the worn path on the ground? Are you in Gatlinburg yet? Hope things are going well.


    1. The trail is marked primarily by a white blaze or paint streak on trees or rocks along the trail. Not in Gatlinburg yet, but should be in a few days.