Tuesday, April 10, 2012

First Night

Spent last night with my mom, sister, aunt (not the same person) and her kids at the Amicalola Falls lodge, for some awesome views and walks up a horrible 604 stairs. at my first shelter after a TOUGH hike. My pack was, as the anonymous commenter guessed, 40 lbs. Hiked most of the first day with a guy named Blue from Chardon, and actually ran into two others from Cleveland. Also met some nice Israelis who offered some hot cider earlier on, and out hiked me easily with their 60 lb military gear. I'm technically on the approach trail, but will reach Springer Mtn. and the AT early tomorrow morning.

Entries will be short and sweet most of the time and will try to post a few times a week. Forgive typos (pleeeaaassee), I'm working from my phone. I'm also trying to get location services working on here, but having some problems.