Sunday, March 25, 2012

Gear list!

Note:  I've also made this a permanent page on the 'My Gear' tab.  Any changes to gear will be made there.

Without question this has been the most viewed page on my site, so I figured it's about time I get something up on here.  I started having issues with some of the gear grams features, so decided to skip out on using that on here, and instead I'm just going to post my gear in sections.  All in all, my base weight (without food or water) is a hair over 20 lbs.  By no means in the ultralight category, but I was not expecting to get that low (some items are just out of my price comfort).  I'm ok with the weight, but would definitely be interested in seeing where I might be able to shed some ounces. I'm still sorting out some small odds and ends (toiletries, fire starter, etc) but have tried to take their weight into account. An extra special thanks to the folks at for helping get me suited up for the trip!

The Big Four (Backpack, Tent, Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Pad)

 REI Flash 65 pack, REI Quarter Dome T1 tent, Marmot Sawtooth 15 f bag, Thermarest z-lite pad.
I plan to use a trash compactor bag as a pack liner, and to store my sleeping bag in a compactor bag (or 2) at the bottom of my pack.  There's an S-biner on my bag that I'll be using for bear-bagging.  I'll swap in a lighter sleeping bag just around Damascus, and will bring the sawtooth back in the whites.  These all weigh in at just about 10 lbs.


3 pairs of wool socks (2 for hiking, 1 for camp), 2 pairs of compression shorts for underwear, Icebreaker 200 merino leggings, Mountain Hardwear convertible pants, Icebreaker 260 tech top longsleeve, Icebreaker merino tshirt, 2 synthetic tshirts, synthetic gym shorts, and a Mountain Hardwear Compressor jacket. Not Pictured: Winter hat.  I will be starting the hike with La Sportiva Onix GTX on my feet, and will switch to trail runners once they wear out.  Still need to get crocs for camp shoes. 

This is one area I'd love some advice, as I'm having a lot of trouble sorting out a few things.  My Icebreaker tech top is technically a baselayer, but I bought a large and it fits better as a half-zip pullover.  I've got a lightweight synthetic baselayer top, but I'm not sure if that's over kill or if it makes sense.  Also not sure on the 2 synthetic shirts, some recommend a shirt for town to look presentable/it's easier to get rides.  My merino tee will be my hiking shirt as it will hold off smell better, and one synthetic will be for camp.  Would appreciate any thoughts.  

Water System

 Osprey 2L bladder, widemouth Nalgene 1L, Steripen Adventurer (primary).  NP: potable water tablets (backup)

Cooking System

 GSI Dualist, Pocket Rocket Stove,  2 alcohol canisters, Columbia River Eat'n Tool, waterproof matches (backup).  NP: Bic Lighter (primary), and I've taken the sporks, extra bowl and insulated mug out of the dualist to cut weight. 


 20 L Sea to Summit ultralight drybag for food, MHM compression sack for clothes (will line with large turkey oven bag), Medium dry bag for toiletries, small dry bag for phone, cables, batteries, headlamp, etc, extra small bag for camera inside camera bag.  The OP dry bags are pretty shitty in terms of being dry bags, so I've used seam sealer and will waterproof them myself.  If that doesn't work, I'll line them with ziplocs.  

Odds and Ends

 Digital watch, 50ft paracord, Smith and Wesson folding knife, Buff, packtowel, 2012 AT Guide, first aid kit (still need to do some re-engineering on it), rite in the rain notepad and pen.  NP- iPhone 4, Petzl Tikka XP2 headlamp.

Trekking Poles

Black Diamond Ergo Cork Trekking Poles.  This is my first time using trekking poles, so I've been testing them out and trying to get into a rhythm with them. I also plan to use them as a duct tape holder and am considering making a stickpic for my camera.

Rain Gear

Klymit Zephyros rainshell, FroggTogg pants, and Osprey ultralight pack cover.


Sony NEX-C3 plus Lowepro compact courier bag (worn on hip belt).  iPhone cable and wall plugin, Sony battery charger.  This is one area where I can probably make up some weight savings by downgrading, and also one that I'm least likely to budge on.  The camera fits nicely on my pack belt, and the x-small dry bag fits in it to store my camera in rain.  I clip the camera with an s-biner to the pack's lifting strap, so no pressure is put on my neck.  I really like the set-up, and love the camera too much to give it up.


  1. Hey! Found your blog via reddit.

    If I may make a suggestion or two since I started out my journey with a very similar load out: Keep an open mind about what you pack out. I'm eyeballing your list here and I'm already guessing that is around 30-35 lbs dry weight. With the food and water, you'll be at around 40+ lbs.

    I'm not a die-hard ultralighter or ounce counter, but cutting back on weight really helps out with the mileage and how your body feels at the end of the day.

    1. Hey thanks for checking out the site! I've been really struggling finding what to cut/keep and have gone back and forth on a lot of gear. I'm not an ounce counter, but appreciate slimming the weight of the pack down as much as I can. I know weight will be cut when I switch to trail runners and my lighter sleeping bag, and cold weather gear, but am really looking for some other places to start the cuts.

      Do you see any places I might be able to save some weight? I've plugged everything into gear grams and it's not quite as heavy as you think (while always being heavier than I'd like). At least according to my geargrams sheet, It will be about 24 lbs dry, 19 lbs pack weight (minus consumables). I do expect my pack with food and 2 L around 35 lbs (ideally less), and would really appreciate any tips to cutting down you see.

      Thanks again for visiting and for your advice! I'll try to take it to heart and sort this out some more.