Thursday, June 21, 2012


It's been a long time since I've updated, so I figured I'd condense the last 3 weeks into one post.

After the Highlands

Virginia is the largest state the AT crosses, spending over 550 miles in it's borders.  After parting ways with Lisa and Joe in Grayson Highlands I headed north (duh) feeling a little behind.  While I think I'm permanently behind certain people that I hiked with previously, I've also met some excellent new people have even begun hiking regularly with a small group of folks.  Virginia has been a long, hard slog, and I've seen more people that I know get off the trail than I have.  On the other hand, the views have been some of the most rewarding and I know the states will start to fall much faster when I get out of VA.  I'm still feeling good, although spent the last two days off trail visiting with family/recovering from a stomach bug I caught somewhere along the way.  It was great to see my new niece for the first time since I left for the trail, but I must say I felt pulled back to the trail the entire visit.

Anyhow, here are some photos from my last 3 weeks of the trail, with more info where needed.

McAffee's Knob, the most photographed spot on the trail.

 Sunset on Tinker's Cliffs

A foggy Blue Ridge Parkway

FAA tower (I think)
The Guillotine!

The longest footbridge on the AT crosses the James River

Myself and fellow hikers John and Brooke took a side trip into Lexington to stay at a hiker friendly bed and breakfast.  They treated us far better than we could've asked and gave us some time to explore Lexington, VA and the history there.


  1. So happy to hear things are going well!

  2. Just dropping a line to say I'm really enjoying your blog.

    Also, wondering how you're uploading photos. Are they all from your iPhone?